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For mountain bikers of all ages

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We’re proud to provide a complete progression for athletes as they progress through the sport of mountain biking.

For the middle school aged, it’s all about riding and having fun!Learn More
The next step after Club, gain experience and technique.Learn More
Semi-professional junior team, for those fully committed to the sport.
Built on a partnership with Competitive Cyclist and for the Adult.
For those who’ve reached the top of the sport.

 We Love Our Community, And They Love Us.

We continue to strive to educate individuals on trail etiquette and sportsmanship in addition to riding skills. As well as providing community service for the greater good of every other rider on the trails.

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Join the Fun at the Wasatch 360 with friends or on your own!
Solo, Duo or group of ThreeLearn More

Our Partners: They Help Make Everything Possible

SBC has many individuals and businesses that help us achieve our goals and further support our members.


Jeffrey R Sumsion, DMD, MS


Competitive Cyclist

Pivot Cycles

“Competitive but Courteous”

“You kids rocked it Saturday! And I was very impressed by your racing etiquette. Competitive but courteous, excellent bike handlers and excellent examples of good people on the trail.. Keep up the good work and continue to inspire others. The world is yours.”
– B.M.  (Facebook User)

“If you’re a junior mountain biker in Utah you would be crazy not to join the Utah Summit Devo program. You’re only young once, invest in yourself. You have the rest of your life to race for a local club team… There is no such thing a senior development programs, it’s now or never! Big things for 2014 and the future!”
B.G., Coach
“Thanks for putting on such a great race! Great atmosphere and fun trails…with a bunch of awesome people to share it with! Couldn’t have been a better day! The weather even waited for the racing to end before getting bad! Thanks for the fun day!“
J.B., W360 Competitor
“Being part of the Devos allows me to meet friends that love to ride bikes as much as I do. Also riding for Summit makes it possible for me to travel to lots of cool places around the country and race my bike. Summit Bike Club helps you develop your fundamental skills to progress in what ever kind of riding you want to do.”
M.T., Athlete
“I love Summit Bike Club because the coaches are nice, funny, and very good at riding their bikes. What I also love about Summit Bike Club is all the fun we have. We go to the pump park, on long rides, and we sometimes do fun, easy, short rides with the team and practice skills. SBC taught me a lot this year and I have become a faster and a more skilled rider. Summit Bike Club is not always about the bikes, summer we went swimming,camping, and backpacking. Summit Bike Club is my best friend!”
M.L., Athlete
“I just wanted to thank you for putting on a great race. I spent a decade racing the NORBA Pro Series and can’t remember a course that was marked this well, started on time and was so youth friendly. This was my Daughter’s very first race. We were able to take 3rd, the most amazing part was she broke her derailleur on lap 6 at race mile 4.5 and called me to give up. She had no idea what to do, and was so disappointed that this was happening on the last lap. She Pushed her bike to the next spot on the course where she remembered there was a course marshal, they bent it strait and she was able to continue. Determination is difficult to teach, endurance racing finds a way to make you reach down deep or give up.  Thanks for providing my daughter this experience. She slept with her trophy last night. A very proud moment for her.”
T.R., W360 Competitor

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