U19+ Nordic Cross-Training

Ages 15-22

Nordic Summit

Summit Bike Club is as our name states, a bike club. However, we find participation in other sports to be very valuable, thus the introduction of our Nordic Cross-Training program.

Skiing will take place around Park City for the U19 and U23 aged athletes. Basic instruction will be provided, but the goal of the program is for the safety and health of the body and mind to prevent burn out while becoming more well rounded.

Must be a registered member of one of our U19 or U23 bike programs.

Season Schedule:

• December - March
• One day per week


• Adult supervision and workout planning
• Some racing possible at local series

Park City/SLC Program Registrations - 2017

Opens:   November 01, 2016  12:00 am
Closes:   May 26, 2017  11:59 pm


• Nordic Add-on: $50

Team Game / Event Date Time Location